2: Take/upload your picture

In order to make a USN access/ID card you need to take/upload a photo of yourself. Type in your USN username and password, and click “Choose File” to take a photo with your phone or upload a file.

If you upload from a computer the picture must be a JPG or a PNG file!

NB! Remember a few things:

  • The photo must be in portrait orientation
  • It should be taken against a plain, light-colored background
  • There should not be too many shadows in it
  • The head should occupy a fairly large portion of the photo

The card is not valid as official identification, but the photo should still be almost like a passport photo. The photo must also be of you, and not something else.

Unfortunately, this login does not support all types of characters in the password. If you have a password with some “national specific” characters like “æ”, “ø” or “å”, this login might fail. If so, go to https://account.usn.no/ and change your password.