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Video lectures


Finn Aakre Haugen

Welcome to my collection of video lectures in the area of automatic control and adjacent areas. The videos are based on recordings of activities on my computer screen together with vocal explanations. You can use these video for free and for any purpose - except for commercial purposes as courses with fee. (If you want to apply the videos for commercial purposes, please contact me first.)

Most videos are based on simulators that I run while providing explanations. The relevant simulator is available for download from the home page of the respective video lecture. To increase your learning, I suggest you run the simulator while whatching the video.

Software needed to run the simulators presented in the videos

The SimView simulators are developed in LabVIEW 10. You can run these simulators only if you have the Run-time Engine for LabVIEW 10 installed. You can download and install this specific LabVIEW Run-time Engine from here (size: 175 MB).

Note: During the installation of LabVIEW Runtime Engine you are prompted to select in a list of five tools which tools to install. It is sufficient to select only LabVIEW Runtime Engine which is the first (upper) tool in the list. So, you should deselect all the other tools in the list. (If you install other tools than LabVIEW Runtime Engine, you may be asked to install hardware drivers etc. which you do not need and which may actually cause problems for running the simulators.)

The collection of videos

Automatic control


System identification

Signals and signal processing


Matlab and Simulink

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