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This web site is to be decommissioned.

Do you have content on this site that you want to preserve? In that case, you must move this content before the summer.

What is home.usn.no?

Home.usn.no is a server where students and staff have their own website. Some time ago, people switched to using web01.usn.no. The opportunity to create new websites on home.usn.no has been closed for several years, but there is still some activity on some of the old websites.

What should I do with my old site?

Since home.usn.no runs on an outdated server, it is time to discontinue it. Those of you who still have websites / content on home.usn.no have some alternative solutions you can use, depending on what kind of content you have:

Most of the content on home.usn.no can probably be moved to web01.usn.no quite easily. If you need assistance with this, contact IT support (https://www.usn.no/about-usn/it-services/it-support/).

Home.usn.no will be shut down the summer of 2022, some time after 01.07.2022.